Themes and lighting

It is important, particularly if the image is going to be used for PR purposes or Advertising that the image has some personality and can evoke a memory or feeling in the viewer. Studies have shown that people are more likely to remember something if they have a semantic attachment to the item. We had this in mind, particularly with this image. The children’s toys and girl in the bedroom drawing on the bed will likely evoke a memory to those who see the image, making them more likely to remember it.

We also included dusk lighting in this shot, to make the scene seem more atmospheric, and to steer away from the many day shots you see in magazines.



Matki Hinged Panel

For this image, we were asked to produce a light, bright room set showcasing this stunning Wet Room configuration.

As always we needed to ensure the room looked stylish and high end, but as this image was going to need to be used for PR we wanted to ensure it looked as realistic a bathroom as possible. This includes finding props and items that you would find in a bathroom, even the wallpaper is special water-resistant paper that is available to buy for bathroom use.

This was an extremely successful image, featured in many big homes title magazines.


Pentagonal Shower


Picking up key trends is important in creating an aspirational image that viewers will want to recreate in some form in their homes. Here we have picked up on the trend for natural materials and copper. The metal not only warms the image but also brings up the luxurious quality of the room.