A Living Wall

Here we have included a selection of plants to bring the image to life without the use of people in the scene. The living wall is not only very popular at the moment on social media, but also makes a fantastic contrast to the white crittall effect wet room panel.


Hexangonal Tiles

We carefully research each and every image to ensure we are not only ticking all boxes from the brief given, but also getting the very latest trends and styles. Here we found these incredible hexagonal tiles. These unusual tiles where right on trend and yet had not been used in any imagery we could find.

The image has proved incredibly popular in social media and this image is now being used on the front cover of the Matki Showering brochure.



Pure Luxury

We pay special attention to sourcing the best materials to show off the products in the way they deserve. Here we have chosen a luxurious marble tiling which not only sets the bar for the high quality of the product but also shows off the enclosure and brassware in the best way.


wet room panel

Keeping it real

Some images are created with the intention to induce a ‘wow’ reaction. Large, impressive roomsets that are unlikely in real life but would be the dream if money and space were no object.

In reality however, rooms are smaller and space a premium. In their editorial pages magazines often want to showcase how to make smaller spaces look luxurious. It is therefore important to have images that tick these boxes, with this image for example, to show the customer that this product is ideal for a smaller bathroom, or to replace an area where a bath may once have been placed.

Luxury Shower Wet Room Panel


Colour Shower Trays

We created this series of shower trays to show off the many colours at can be offered from this manufacturer.

Sometimes simple is best and you just want the product to be showcased without any distractions so the end customer can see what they are going to get. This is also a great way to show a product if you need to overlay dimensions for brochures or for cut-out features in magazines. This particular tray has been shown in Ideal Home Magazine as well as other well known home titles.

Universal Linear Shower Tray

This beautiful image of a luxurious shower tray shows our understanding of when a product needs to be placed in a minimal set. These green tiles show off the white tray perfectly and have also ensured the image has been shared well on social media platforms, including Pinterest.


Choosing a Theme

We feel it is important to have a unifying theme running through the image. Here we have gone for a light, calm room set bringing the outside in. This spa-like room is a sanctuary, a tranquil space rather than the standard utilitarian bathroom.



Drawing attention to the product

There is a balance between creating a believable bathroom scene and not cluttering with too many props. The light here is used to draw attention to the enclosure. Props are chosen to tell a story of the type of person who might live here.


Industrial Chic

Lengths have been taken with this image, to ensure the scene mirrors an industrial chic theme. Based in a converted factory the windows are echoing the black crittall effect wet room panel and exposed brick to bring an edgy, stylish feel to the set. The model gives a feel of the kind of person who lives here, with the trainers sitting on the steps to give another dimension of reality.

Adding people into a scene can be a great way to bring an image to life. Quite often we are asked to provide two renders, one with a model and one without. Ask us if this is something you are interested in.


Clean and Simple

Sometimes it is best to keep the look clean and simple. Uncluttered and tranquil.

Bringing the enclosure into the foreground draws the eye to the product first.

You will often find the product is located on the left or right of the image rather than the centre. This is to allow the client to use the image in a variety of ways. It can then be used on a double page spread without the risk of the product falling into the spine, but can also be cropped to fit a single page.

If, however you know the image will only feature on a single page, fun can be had to make a show-stopping centred product view!